Sunday, June 14, 2020

Infrared and A Wide

I know I haven't been consistent in posting, especially now. I mean, what else am I supposed to do since I have 'so much time' due to this "Lockdown".

Regardless, I decided it was time to have a bit of a walk with a camera. It's just been far too long.
I've been playing around with Panoramic photos with my phone, using the "Panorama" option with some beautiful results, like this one;

The Quarry
Nokia 7 Plus - Panorama - Acton Quarry - Winter 2020

Which, yes, it prints incredibly well! However, I wanted to try this using either 35mm or 120... So I found a day with some nice clouds, blue skies and lots of sunshine...

Fairy Lake
Canon EOS Elan 7NE - 17-40mm F/4L - Two Shot Panoramic - Stitched in Photoshop - Rolleipan 25 - Rodinal 1+50
Not the drama of the photo above, but I think it speaks for itself...

However, not to be outdone by incredibly fine film, I also had some Konica IR750 loaded in my Bronica SQ-Ai, plus the Cokin P filter kit with a deep red... There are some amazing results, but this one is the one that stands out most to me...

A Walk Through The Forest
Bronica SQ-Ai - 65mm f/4 @ f/11 - Konica IR750 - Wratten #25a Deep Red - Rodinal 1+50

The light was one of those "right place right time" kind of moment...

Until next time... Keep those shutters firing!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

From 1917 to Today

Funny Title, I know, however, it's not far from the truth.
I often wonder... in 100 years from now, looking back, would our Digital Cameras work? At all? I don't think so... They'd most likely be severely degraded by corrosion in the circuitry... Unless kept on a shelf somewhere, hopefully without the battery in... Perhaps with a compatible power source, they would... But again... unlikely..
However, today, I have a camera that used 116 film that was last patent stamped for 1917.. Meaning that it was built, most assuredly, in 1917 in Rochester, New York.  It is a descendant in the lineup from a series of Kodak No. 1a Autographic Kodak Jr cameras since it started sale in 1914. It has a 130mm Kodak Anastigmat (meaning their pro lens) which is a dialyte type, or 4 elements in 4 groups, with air pockets in between.

The film I used, it's the only film that I have that I can use easily, is Eastman Double-XX Film. It's absolutely beautiful... Once i iron out a few kinks in the works, I think I'll have myself a very lovely "Near Large Format" Roll Film camera. It's bigger than 6x9, although not by much, but gives impressive results!

The camera itself was a lucky find, late 2018. We were visiting my cousin, but were running a bit early, so we stopped into a quaint little antique store. Normally I don't bother looking for cameras. I get called to them by my wife and kids... only to find they are disappointing, at best..
This one, however, different story. Nobody saw it, except myself. Kind of fluke, actually, as it was the old Leather case that I saw that attracted me to the camera. The case caught my eye, but the clasp is what really grabbed my attention. I recognized the clasps symbol easily... EKc. Eastman Kodak Company, pretty hard not to recognize that one.. Needless to say, I checked it out. Opened the back... carefully looking to see if there was any film. Nope, but there was an old spool. Next, find a dark place and test the bellows. Yup, everything is good! Bellows are light tight... So, only one thing left... Test the shutter. . . .
Click click click.. Everything works!  A camera that was 101 years old (but I didn't know at the time) still fully functional. Amazing!
Bought some film, for the backing paper, but to test it out. Sadly the roll of 116 I did have jammed up in the camera and it ruined the paper... Film from eBay arrived and I put it through the Jiffy 616, because I knew that one worked but had never actually used it yet successfully. Sure enough, I did this time with some Verichrome Pan and managed to keep the paper in good condition.
Fast forward to 2020, a trip to Limehose and....

On The Rails Looking Home
Autographic No. 1a Kodak Junior - 130mm f/7.7
Eastman Double-XX - XTOL

Autographic No.1a Kodak Junior - 130mm f/7.7
Eastman Double-XX - XTOL (failed development)

As you can see, this outing was far more successful, which means that this camera will most likely retain a rotation until I am out of 70mm film and have no feasible option to get some at a reasonable cost.

Until next time;

Keep those shutters firing!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Visiting Terra Cotta

A hiatus from photography wasn't without its merits. I felt that instead of just aimlessly clicking away and shooting mindless image after mindless image, I would just stop shooting altogether, letting my cellphone be my camera. It did its job well,  allowing me to have some creative expression while remaining a poor substitute for a real camera.
A previous visit to Limehouse Conservation really got me back into the enjoyment of being out shooting, feeling the fresh air and just enjoying myself... It's been quite a while since I remembered feeling that.
I decided to make plans with a friend to visit Terra Cotta and grab lunch after. Originally it was to visit Belfountain, but we didn't bother as it just didn't have a great amount of light to properly give the place justice... So we made another quick decision to visit Terra Cotta.  A smart choice as the sun came out when we arrived.

Here are a few photos from that day. I was shooting with the Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta and Canon EOS Elan 7NE.  I lost a roll of Acros as my Labbox developing tank jammed while loading and creased the film badly. I was unimpressed.
The Elan was loaded with Polypan F while the Super Ikonta had some Ilford ORTHO Plus 80 loaded.

Terra Cotta

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta C - 10.5cm Novar Anastigmat - Ilford ORTHO Plus 80 - XTOL Stock

Canon EOS Elan 7NE - 75-300mm f/3.5-5.6 @300mm f/8 - Polypan F 50 EI100 = XTol Stock

Canon EOS Elan 7NE - 75-300mm f/3.5-5.6 @300mm f/8 - Polypan F 50 EI100 = XTol Stock

Canon EOS Elan 7NE - 17-40 F/4L @17mm f/11 - Polypan F 50 EI100 = XTol Stock

Canon EOS Elan 7NE - 75-300mm f/3.5-5.6 @300mm f/6.3 - Polypan F 50 EI100 = XTol Stock

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta C - 10.5cm f/3.5 Novar Anastigmat - Ilford Ortho Plus 80

Canon EOS Elan 7NE - 17-40mm f/4L f/8 - Polypan F 50 EI100 = XTol Stock

I know most are shot on the ELAN, however I did have quite a few that I took with the IKONTA, but sadly the film got damaged and was unrecoverable.

Until next time... Keep those shutters firing!