Thursday, March 1, 2018

Day 4 - Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta Still Life - Take II

So this was actually my first attempt at using my smartphone to kind of show the visualization of my photo before I took the photo on my Super Ikonta. I wanted to know what sort of final image I would be working with and then working out how I really want it to look using my phone to see where the camera would get the best framing for the entire frame.

Well this first image shows basically the unfortunate limitations of using a Rangefinder for still life..
Sighting up the image and double checking and fine tuning the focus - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

As you can see it doesn't show much promise. It's simply TOO wide to get proper framing.. I thought it would make a good shot to show a 'wider' shot of the entire scene. Almost like a behind the scenes with the primary camera.
Then basically what I saw through the finder, is almost a direct representation of what I actually got in the image as we see in the original post.

Then I think.. this isn't good.. I know I can do a lot better.. SO I reach out my Kodak Portra +2 closeup filter and want to try upping the difficulty game to very difficult.
A few test shots later....

First here with the Tomato on my Cell-Phone. I was blown away with how close I could get and focus with the phone. It gave me a lot of hope for what I wanted to try to accomplish.

Closer still, but not quite where I was intending on it going.. The framing seemed awkward and loose. I didn't like the light...
Time to try changing a few more variables... adjusting the curtains... adding a screen...

Yup.. a lot better here..
Finally another adjustment to the final image and...

Still Life - Samsung S6

 Yeah, this is what I was after..

Referring to the 'Reference Guide for Kodak Portra Closeup Filters' I set the camera where I needed it to capture this kind of framing, although it would be more square to the image...

I think I nailed it with the Super Ikonta...

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