Sunday, January 7, 2018

The 616 Rides Again

A trip to Belfountain, kinda impromptu, but I already had a desire to visit for a while, just didn't think it'd be in the depth of Winter Ice and cold..  But sure enough, that's just how things worked out.
Suspension Bridge - Kodak Jiffy 616 - Kodak Verichrome Pan
Developed in HC-110 Dil. B

The camera did have pinholes in the bellows and I screwed up a couple of shots, but nothing major. I was completely floored when I pulled the negatives out of the tank. They really are beautiful, especially from a film that is older than I am! (40+ years old).. I didn't expect too much, but was hoping for some kind of image... Even if it was badly fogged or poor contrast, even just a soft crappy image.  When I got instead was just beautiful!
The camera honestly isn't much more than a glorified BOX camera that allows you to ... slightly... adjust the focus, but that's probably more to do with the virtue of such a long focal length.  Not to mention that the camera also does have a waterstop, which mostly just blocks light for slightly faster films.
Due to the pinholes in the bellows, I took some precautionary measures..  I had received some advice many years ago about just wrapping the camera bellows in a dark towel or cloth or something like that... so i did it with a scarf. Sure it made it look like I was trying to keep the camera warm, but it was more along the lines of just simply keeping the camera light tight.  It worked quite well!  Last time I used the camera I rolled some TMAX through it, which was just 120 rolled onto a 616 spool.. This time it was 616 film onto 616 film spools.
Properly done...

Very impressed with this film size, it's absolutely massive!
Scanning took a bit of work as I had to make a custom film mask but it was not too hard. I had an old matte from a broken picture frame and a box from a new tube of toothpaste.. A bit of tape and cutting with scissors and poof! I had a functioning 616/116 film mask that allowed me to scan frame by frame.
Worked very well and get the film relatively flat for easy scanning..

But enough of the blab, let's see some of the photos now, right? That's mostly why you're here anyway... Just so you know, 616/116 film is about 65mm wide, which means that you can use 70mm film from a bulk roll and spool it onto the backing paper and roll with it.
Going to give it a whirl with the Eastman 70mm DoubleXX film I have in my freezer..

Reinvented Wheel - Kodak Jiffy 616 - Kodak Verichrome Pan
Developed in HC-110 Dil. B

Riverside Bench - Kodak Jiffy 616 - Kodak Verichrome Pan
Developed in HC-110 Dil. B

Snow Covered Bridge - Kodak Jiffy 616 - Kodak Verichrome Pan
Developed in HC-110 Dil. B

All photos taken in Belfountain Conservation Area.

Until next time, keep those shutters firing!

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