Monday, January 1, 2018

Day One - Jan, 1, 2018

My good friend, James Lee, wanted to start the year out right by shooting some film.  So down to Burlington's Lakeshore do we go, on the coast of Lake Ontario.  The -16°C, without the windchill, temperatures weren't enough to keep us at bay, however a few minor camera malfunctions did try.  First with James' Hasselblad, then to my Kodak Reflex TLR. But the one camera that kept on firing through it all... The Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta... Almost two rolls of film were finished in that camera today.. An entire roll of Superia 100 (the 120 version) and almost a full roll of Fuji Acros. 

James got his Hasselblad issues sorted, only for it to temporarily bail on him again while shooting, but it was a slight back misalignment.

The one that didn't survive it's malfunction, entirely operated related, was the Kodak Reflex.. It will no longer advance film.. But I'll be fixing it, that's for certain!

Until Next time, keep those shutters firing!

Photos are coming!  Just keep tuned and the photos shall be posted.
They are awaiting processing.

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