Monday, January 8, 2018

Day 6 - Jan. 7 2018 - From Weston to Belfountain

A Poppy In A Tree
Samsung S6 Edge
Original plans were to accompany my friend James Lee for a shooting excursion into Toronto. From the area around Jane and Eglinton, for a Hasselblad refurbishment by Joe Viera, to some shooting in the Weston area, Weston Rd. and Lawrence Ave West.. Through Cruickshank Park, however we never made it there.. That's alright..

In fact, the plans changed rapidly toward when we were planning on leaving.. Turned out that I was going to be tied down with one of my kids, my youngest, Noah. Turns out, James had to bring his kid along for the journey as well. We were getting things ready and figure they'd keep each other engaged and we'd have a shooting day.
Well, it changed only minutes before leaving.. James' Son has a cold.. Yeah, probably not a good idea. I don't want to get sick, neither does Noah.. SO off to Belfountain on our own we go.
The Super Ikonta on my side, bundled up like crazy and a roll of HP5+ rolling through at 400 ... Wasn't bad... I enjoyed it, but the light was pretty flat. Slipped on some stairs, but it just made me hurry up on my walk down instead... haha! I went back up and picked a different set to go down.. Well... for Noah and I to go down..
How Canadian
Samsung S6 Edge
He was a little scared on the stairs, thinking they were super slippery.. So I bashed some of the snow off the steps so he could step on bare stone, since they were stone and not concrete.
A couple more shots and we were heading back to the car... Noah saying his toes are cold and he's feeling tired..
Poor guy.  I managed to get through the HP5+ and even a partial of Kodak Tri-X 400, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how they look. Frustratingly, I also found a tiny pinhole in the side of my Bellows on the Super Ikonta. I tried to get a piece of self-adhesive fabric to put on, but couldn't find any... SO a super tiny patch made out of Duct Tape... black Duct Tape, to be exact, from a roll of Black Duct Tape no wider than a roll of regular clear tape for wrapping gifts and sealing envelopes.
The Long Road Home
Samsung S6 Edge
But the repair is done and the camera is still working very well.  The ordeal is extremely minor and the bellows is sound, it was just one small spot, but it's very odd where it was... Ah well, it's fixed and I don't think it hurt my growing respect for this camera.

I know, there are some Samsung S6 phone shots on here, but they're just meant to be some silly eye-candy..

Until next time, keep those shutters firing!

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