Friday, January 5, 2018

Day 3 - January 4th, 2018

So I took my camera to work today. You know the one.. there is only one right now for much of the year I feel it might be that way with the way I've been shooting this camera. I am determined to explore all the limitations of this camera and go beyond them.  The Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta..
I have some ideas for close ups... Well, that Super Ikonta is loaded with Ilford XP2 Super... a film that i know you can expose between 200 and 800 without having to adjust your developing.. provided you develop it in C-41 chemistry.. I'm not sure if that holds true if you develop this film in a traditional Black and White developer..
Well, I rated it at 800 this morning, took a reading and snapped a few photos.... One of the photos I didn't bother taking a reading, I just kinda winged it.. we'll see... but I don't have a lot of faith..
My only worry, of course, is with how blistering cold it was this morning, I just hope I wasn't shaking at all..
I know this is supposed to be a 52-roll project, but if this keeps up the way it is, I'm going to have to get a Patreon account.. hahaha!! You know ... and offer some extra content that way???  hahaha..

Okay okay, for now, no, but film and film processing can get pricey, depending on what type of film and how it requires processing..

It's an idea if I get into some serious dedication to this project!  Maybe I'll just ignore the whole 52-roll project and just entirely concentrate on content to share...

I am trying to release a new post at least every Monday and Saturday..
Since this is the first week, I'm posting the beginning process of this project.. I want to remember it..

So.. here goes guys!  Time for me to jump off the deep end and see if I can add a new layer to our bleak existence out here in this Winter Wonderland in the snow belt area of Southern Ontario..

So.. until next time guys... Keep those shutters firing!

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